About Us

EvalHub was founded in Sacramento, California by a group of driven individuals with diverse backgounds, experiences, and skill sets. The EvalHub team has more than 20 years combined experience in Market Research, Mystery Shopping, and Customer experience evaluation. In addition, members of the team bring to the table more than 10 years work experience in software development, marketing, business administration and finance and they are from different countries in North America, Europe and Africa.

We at EvalHub attach great importance to the vital role good customer service plays in delivering a positive and pleasant experience to customers. The team is committed to helping businesses investigate and collect valuable data to enable them innovate, refine and improve their processes.

We will ensure that the valuable data collected from customer experiences is used to identify areas where a business is performing well and areas where it can improve. Our goal is to provide each business with information that will enable it to deliver better and more effective service to its customers. It is our business to furnish clients, be they large companies or small businesses, with such vital information.

EvalHub uses experienced evaluators who are trained to gather and assess such information with utmost speed and accuracy. The data gathered and reported by our evaluators is processed, aggregated, and presented to cleints who can then make adjustments and improvements to their customer service and business processes.