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Effective customer service can be a very profitable tool for companies. It can turn a first-time customer into a repeat customer and ensure customer retention. According to the Harvard Business review, a 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by up to 75%. EvalHub is here to give businesses the tools they need to know how well their customer service is performing and make it more effective.

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The Retail Experience

A retail shopping visit is more than just finding the perfect pair of sunglasses at a good price. A customer's journey towards a purchase encompasses many touchpoints that many times go unnoticed by a business. A store's frontline staff can transform a customer's one-time purchase into an expereince that they would return for and recommend to others.

The Restaurant Experience

In the restaurant industry, the quality of the food is one of the main reasons people would make a return visit to the establishment. However, other factors beyond food quality, location accessibility and price, such as interaction with the staff, can make a customer comfortable.

Other Customer Experiences...

From banks to services and everything in between, how a customer sees the business can lead to a successful long-term relationship or confine them to a one-time visit. It is important for businesses to know quickly how they are serving the customers' needs, needs, the areas in need of improvement and other factors to enable them take prompt remedial action.